Ajax Interview Questions

Level: Freshers

Q 1 - What is Ajax ?

Ajax is nothing but acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript and xml , It is not a new technology even it is not a technology but use to enhance web technology , In 2005 Google developer need to more fast search engine so they suggested to use Ajax . in older days When we need to send / fetch data to / from server page was reload every time hence take more time , use more memory , but being use AJAX no need to reload page again and again for sending small amount of data to server through Ajax we utilize more memory and bandwidth and our website work faster and fastest , also able to move and use fetched data , Ajax is used on client site means with java script and html

Q 2 - What is advantage of Ajax

Basic advantage of Ajax is Bandwidth utilization means when we have more type of data on same page or use more included page , hence data is fetched without loading the page it's save memory also it is more interactive no any user want lose their information from that page , so the concentrate only on same page fastest where loading a page is difficult or more time consuming Ajax do best work So why in all modern website need concentration to use Ajax ,it is a Browser technology independent of web server software .

Like every thing advantage and disadvantage Ajax has too some disadvantage like

When we use Ajax it is difficult to return back page , when we click on back button we

Got first page(because same page is using for sending or fetching data but when we need just last use thing we could not able to seen last modified data they gone to starting point

And also need to more concentration because it is faster to implement but still it is very beneficial to us