What is the fixed GST rate for foods ?

  • What is the fixed GST rate for foods ?

    Submit the list of food rates with GST
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    • Elango

      I need the GST related documents for searching the food rate after implementing GST. I am getting more friends in my college and business also. I have call all my friends for my home function. And all friends and my family members are go to restaurant for dinner. Totally 15 members are available. After completing dinner I have pay the bill. All foods are getting more amounts. I am very shocked but the GST rates are added with those items. We are picking the menu card for check the rate also. But it is also getting the same rate. I am not getting any information about that GST rates for the food items. I am also paying the tax amount. No problem but I need the accurate information about the GST rate calculation. My friend is also running the food business. I am getting my business with good tools and guidelines. I need to know the rates for all food related things. I have learned more reviews and feedbacks about GST in online. I need to know the Government approved GST Provider. What is it? Did you know it? I am sharing the good news and information to the friends. But I want the exact news and rates for the foods. I am getting more interest to collect the particular news from online. I have store the important information in my mail box. Did you get all details and calculations about the GST? Please share me I want to know that. I am getting training from online for calculating the GST rates for the products. I have lot of tension in my mind and also I need to celebrate my home function. Next week my birthday so I need to given treat for my friends. So please check the food things GST rates and given to me friends.