1.   AJAX Stands for:

2.   What sever support AJAX ?

3.   What makes Ajax unique?

4.   What does the XMLHttpRequest object accomplish in Ajax?

5.   ________ Of the following technologies, which one provides the ability to dynamically interact with Web page layout?

6.   What is the first step in creating a Joke of the Day application?

7.   Ajax stands for Synchronous JavaScript and XML.

8.   Ajax is a programming language.

9.   Regarding the XMLHttpRequest Object, does the order in which one calls the "open" method and assign a function to the onreadystatechange event handler matter?

10.   Can a call to the "send" method fire an error (assuming the user's browser supports the XMLHttpRequest Object and the send method )?

11.   ActiveX can be disabled via browser settings.

12.   The XMLHttpRequest object can be disabled via browser settings.

13.   Assuming that "xmlhttp" is a user-defined variable that carrys the Ajax requesting object, xmlhttp.status can carry a value of 4 after a successful request.

14.   The XMLHttpRequest object supports a method called "quit".

15.   The XMLHttpRequest object can be used on subdomain1.mysite.com to request a page located at subdomain2.mysite.com according to the specification.

16.   What combination of technologies gives AJAX its name?

17.   Which one of these legendary Greek mythical figures or places is the code name for Microsoft's version of AJAX ?

18.   Which Web browser is the least optimized for Microsoft's version of AJAX?

19.   Which one of these technologies is NOT used in AJAX?

20.   AJAX comes in ____.

21.   AJAX made popular by

22.   AJAX based on

23.   Using AJAX we can made our web page